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Hands of an old woman making pierogies..

Current Menu


Orders of 10 dz or more must be pre-ordered in advance.

All pierogies are hand pinched & hand crafted in small batches

All pierogies are par-boiled & flash frozen.

Our pierogi dough contains the following ingredients: Flour, egg, oil, salt and water

Classic Pierogies

Potato Cheddar (Signature pierogi) 

$8.25/dz or

5 doz Potato Cheddar Bulk Bag $40.00 

Bulk bag is only available for potato cheddar

Potato Cheddar ingredients:  Potato, old/sharp cheddar cheese, seasoning & margarine


Potato Onion $8.25/dz

Potato, onion, seasoning & margarine

Potato & Cottage Cheese $9.00/dz

Potato, cottage cheese, onion, sour cream, seasoning & margarine


Specialty Pierogies 

Potato Cheddar Bacon $9.50/dz

Potato, old/sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, seasonings & margarine

Cheddar Jalapeno $9.50/dz

Potato, old/sharp cheddar, Jalapeno, seasoning and margarine

Cottage Cheese and Fresh Dill $10.00/dz

Cottage cheese, fresh dill, sour cream and seasoning

Sauerkraut & Onion $10.00/dz

Sauerkraut, onion, seasoning and margarine

Mushroom $10.00/dz (Signature pierogi)

Fresh mushrooms, onions, cream, lemon, fresh herbs and seasoning

Cottage Cheese $10.00/dz

Cottage cheese, sour cream, and seasonings 

Chicken OR Beef Pierogi/Pelmeni

Roasted chicken, carrots, onion, celery, seasonings & margarine

Beef: lean ground beef, carrots, onion, celery seasonings & margarine

1 Bag contains 2 dozen

$19.00/2 dozen


Tomato Basil (contains gluten)


Beet Borsct (vegetarian)

500 ml $5.50 or 1 Litre $11.00


Sweet & Sour Meatballs


Gravy Meatballs 

2 dz/tray $15


Dough: flour, sugar, egg, water, salt, vegetable oil, yeast

Sauerkraut & Onion Pyrizhky


Sauerkraut, onion, seasoning & margarine

 Beef Pyrizhky


Lean ground beef, onion, seasonings

Cabbage Rolls Take & Bake Tray

Rice & Onion (vegetarian) With Sauce

Cabbage, rice, onion, spices & margarine


Rice, Onion & Beef With Sauce

Cabbage, rice, onion, lean ground beef seasoning and margarine


Rice, Onion & Bacon With Sauce

Cabbage, rice, onion, bacon, cabbage, seasonings and margarine

Rice, Onion, Beef & Bacon With Sauce

Cabbage, rice, onion, beef, bacon, seasonings and margarine 

$14.00/ dozen

Sauce Ingredients: Campbells tomato soup, san marzano tomatoes and puree/joice, water and margarine

 Un-sauced Cabbage Rolls  

$13.50 per dozen

Un-sauced cabbage rolls must be pre-ordered in advance.

Please Note:

Orders of 2 dozen or 4 dozen will be in one pan un-less requested in smaller amounts at time of ordering - some limitations will apply.​

All cabbage rolls come raw and frozen.

Any meat  in the cabbage rolls is pre-cooked prior to filling as well as the rice.

Prices subject to change

We Accept Cash, Debit or E-Transfer Only 

To Order in Winnipeg:

By phone 204-416-6665

If you get voicemail please leave your name and number. Do not leave your order on the voicemail, we will call you back by the next business day to discuss your order directly.

Corporate Group Orders in the City  

Minimum orders do apply

Deliveries are made with an agreed upon delivery time.

No deliveries after 6:00 pm.

We will package all orders with each persons name on it and total.  

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